The nation of America is in a great shift.  The redemptive purpose of this nation can be accomplished only by the Eclesia and not by the government alone. This is the time for the Body of Christ in America to arise and war against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places in fasting and prayer. God is not finished with America. He is doing an underlying work. The best time for America spiritually is about to begin! It’s only possible through praying believers to arise and take up their place, act boldly with the authority vested on us for an awakening and revival in this country. Join us as we launch Awaken America Prayer Initiative in 87 counties in Minnesota, one state at a time.

Please  hear God’s heart for America in this message by Sam Dewald  

County House Prayer Fellowsips:

The House Prayer Fellowships under World Healing International Church are established to raise up prayer army of coherent believers from surrounding communities. A cohesive force to stand in gap and usher-in an awakening and revival in their county/counties and region. It’s bound to high ethical standards, Biblical value and spiritual maturity.

Counties Prayer Initiative Schedule for Minnesota

Ist Thursdays Carvar County

2nd Wednesdays Isanti, Sherburne & Mille Lacs Counties

2nd Fridays Anoka County                                                                            For times and directions>> 

3rd Fridays Henneppin County

4th Fridays Scott, Rice & Le Sueur Counties

4th Mondays Wright County

We are praying and believing God to open doors in other counties to raise prayer.