Message from February 2013

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The Four Blood Moons – Be Ready (Part1)

Pastor Sam Dewald
Jesus prophesied that we are the last generation before His coming. The signs mentioned in the Bible is about to be revealed on the heavens. As NASA predicts 4 Blood Moons confirming the sign of the end times as prophesied in Joel 2:28, Acts 2:20 and by our Lord Jesus in the Gosples, we are very very close to His coming.
In the message Pastor Sam has preaching what we must we do to be prepared for the rapture.

Are we headding upto rapture or God Magog war?

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real


Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real
Satan is a defeated foe. When we give space he will try to mess us up. God has given scriptures to counter attack every fear the enemy can bring. Listen to Suganthi Sam’s powerful message she spoke on Mothers’ day