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Three Prophetic End Time Events


In this critical time, God has been giving signs after signs. We have already witnessed three blood moons and one dark sun. I believe at the end of the 4th and last final blood moon, God is going to release and accelerate the there prophetic end time events. Listen to this powerful message as I spoke in Bat Zion Messianic Congregation in Duncanville, TX.

Prophetic Insight 2015


We have entered year 2015, a year of breakthroughs, restoration and abundance. In this powerful message, you can learn the prophetic insight for 2015 and beyond. Get aligned with God for great breakthroughs you every experienced in your life.

Redifnement – Pentecost


Pastor Sam Dewald preached this powerful message on Shavuot (Pentecost) in Bat Zion Messianic Congregation. The time between Passover and Pentecost is a time of redfinement for a fuller release on the season of Pentecost. Listen, apply and believe for breakthroughs.

The Four Blood Moons – Be Ready (Part1)

Pastor Sam Dewald
Jesus prophesied that we are the last generation before His coming. The signs mentioned in the Bible is about to be revealed on the heavens. As NASA predicts 4 Blood Moons confirming the sign of the end times as prophesied in Joel 2:28, Acts 2:20 and by our Lord Jesus in the Gosples, we are very very close to His coming.
In the message Pastor Sam has preaching what we must we do to be prepared for the rapture.

Are we headding upto rapture or God Magog war?