Message by Ps. Sam Dewald

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6 Tips For A Victorious 2018


6 tips for victorious 2018
1. Jesus is the best, never take your eyes off of Him.
2. 5 Steps to take right decisions
3. Don’t give up
4. Contend for the prophecies, dreams and visions
5. Make every opposition your opportunity
6. Joy, thanksgiving, praise and increase praying in tongues

Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Anointing & Glory


How to get the anointing and glory? The way for an anointed life is very important to learn as a believer. Many are still just living in the status of baptized in the Holy Spirit, don’t know how to get the anointing and finally working in the glory realm. This message spoke by Pastor Sam at Bat Zion Messianic Congregation will teach you how to get there.