Message by Ps. Sam Dewald

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Awaken America … for such a time as this!


God has not finished with America. He is doing an underlying work. It is the responsibility of the church to pray and act boldly with the authority vested on it for an awakening an revival in this country. God has giving one more chance, but depends on you and. come and join us as we launch Awaken America Prayer Initiative. Listen and act today!

What is your spiritual temperature? – A study from the seven churchres of the book of Revelation


The book of Revelation gives powerful lessons to us individual believers, church in a region/nation. The message from Jesus Christ to the seven churches admonishes to live in the way our savior expects to live, especially before He comes and takes us home. This powerful message will help us to gauge our spiritual temperature and be better prepared to face this dangerous world and get ready for His coming.

Obedience to God – A call of every beleiver


Obedience to the voice of God is a call of every believer. It is not an option but a requirement to be saved, blessed and also to receive healing. In this powerful message, Ps. Sam has laid out why we need to hear His voice and obey. How it transformed his life and how it will transform yours.

Three signs for His Coming – Are you ready?


Pastor Sam spoke this powerful message in Griffith, Australia. Three sings of HIs coming, are you ready? Being a Christian alone will not qualify you for the rapture. Jesus have given clear instruction to be prepared for His coming. This message will transform your life.

Redifnement – Pentecost


Pastor Sam Dewald preached this powerful message on Shavuot (Pentecost) in Bat Zion Messianic Congregation. The time between Passover and Pentecost is a time of redfinement for a fuller release on the season of Pentecost. Listen, apply and believe for breakthroughs.

Breakthrough to your Destiny – A Biblical Perspective


Biblical perspective of one’s destiny is completely different from the world’s perspective. Our destiny is controlled by God and it is trans generational. No devil can mess but you can. Learn how to breakthrough to your destiny from this powerful revelatory message by Sam Dewald